K-Beauty Skin Care Under Eye Patches -- Anti Dark Circle

K-Beauty Skin Care Under Eye Patches -- Anti Dark Circle

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Say Buh Bye to Dark Circles Under your Eyes

The active ingredients in our extracts nourish and hydrate the skin to reduce black circles under the eyes.

Contains OBFN, a complex fruit extract that helps against skin damage caused by aging.

  • The Active Ingredients of the Extracts Nourish and Moisturize the Skin to Help Moist and Elasticity. Perfectly Developed to Reduce Puffiness and Dark Circles.
  • Collagen Under Eye Patch Pads to Hydrate and Intensify Elasticity of Skin Around Eyes.
  • Regular Use of Daily for the Maximum Result of Anti Aging and Wrinkle Reducing Properties. OBFN, a Complex Fruit Extract, Helps Protect Against Skin Damage from Aging


Step 1: Wash the face and remove all makeup under the eyes.

Step 2: Remove the patch from the strip and apply under each eye.

Step 3: Remove after 10-15 minutes.